We took the jungle trail straight up that mountain. We were racing the sun. We were chasing chocolates with fresh spring water, we cradled with our precious hands. The jungle opened up and made way for a view that is forever encapsulated in our minds. The glaciers were illuminated just like the eyeliner I wore in 8th grade- oh so icy. The view was mystical and full of magic. Our clothes fell to our ankles, we ran straight to the glacial waters, our breath evaporated from our lungs as we let out our native cry and became one with the water. 

THE Features

Kenai Hoops

Hammered Brass Hoop Earring 
14kt Gold Filled Ear Wire

Extend the life of your brass jewelry by taking it off during showers and dips in the ocean. 

**Please note:  This item has a 2 week shipping time since they are made to order.

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