Frequently Asked Questions

What metals are used in your earrings?

14k gold filled and sterling silver. If you have any allergies or requests for different metals please send an email to

If a piece of my YaYa jewelry breaks, can you fix it?

Please remember that all YaYa jewelry is handmade and should be treated with care. I work hard to create pieces that will last the times but please note that the materials I use are fragile and include small glass beads. Please send an email to with details explaining your broken piece and I will work with you to fix your handmade YaYa piece. 

How do I care for my YaYa jewelry?

In order to preserve your YaYa jewelry, I suggest that you store your piece by hanging it or laying it flat on a surface in order to preserve the structure.

Most ear wire and chain is gold filled and your jewelry should be removed while swimming and showering. 

Most earrings are woven together with strong beading cord, but remember that most beads are small and delicate and YaYa jewelry should not be worn during high intensity activities.

What mediums do you work with for your resin paintings?

The resin pieces incorporate acrylic paint, ink, and mica powders mixed in with epoxy resin.