Bring the color back into your life

Resin art, beadwork jewelry, and art therapy classes to express and center yourself.

art therapy

YAYA is an electric force that lives in all of us. A pulsation. A celebration of the complexities that make us divinely who we are. YAYA is a chance to celebrate the parts of us that we try to hide away. A chance to stand and stare at your own reflection and welcome yourself home.

Connection is our mission, YaYa is our battlecry.

Coco Reedy is the artist and owner of YaYa and Company, located in Wilmington, NC. She specializes in beadweaving, resin pouring, and art therapy. 

Coco’s work explores traditional craft and modern art practices, paying homage to her Native American heritage. Coco pulls from the deepest corners of her soul and creates functional art that she hopes you can see yourself through.

the artist

Life’s too short to

live without color.