Bead Work

YAYA & Co. collections tell stories of the experience of the designer as she moves through life and encounters the stories of others as well as her ancestors. YAYA’s beadwork is functional art to be worn; to continue a legacy of resiliency and symbols of how love always wins - every internal and external battle. YAYA releases multiple collections throughout the year and retires most, excluding the pieces that are vital to the preservation of YAYA’s mission.

YAYA & Co. jewelry is intended to be worn as armor. The artist is inspired by the slow burn of it; the small intricacy that also translates into the small moments and details of beauty that lives within all of us. 

Bead work is slow intentional work. It forces the designer to sit with her emotions - each bead a new breath.

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Art Therapy

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It also renders us the ability to creatively express ourselves in a way that we may not be able to otherwise. It’s accessibility is the driving force for inclusion. Art therapy is for all people. 

YAYA & Co. art classes provide therapy in a multidisciplinary way. For individuals with physical disabilities it helps to strengthen tactile and motor skills through a creative mode of expression. We also help to uncover emotional traumas through creative expression as we take a deeper look at how the individual views themselves through painting, drawing, mixed media etc..

Classes are available to individuals with cognitive, behavioral, physical and emotional disabilities from ages 13 and up.

Art is an expression of who we are. It has the ability to heal and strengthen through it’s different mediums.


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Resin Work

Resin Art is an electric and vibrant way to fill a bare wall with true color. Large wall installments and canvasses are available for custom orders. 

YAYA & Co. has worked with clients to create functional resin pieces that match their vision. For example, we have transformed tables and other furniture into functional pieces of art. If you have a piece of furniture that you would like us to work with, get in touch. 

Vibrant fluid colors find me in my dreams and I believe that colors can be brought to life in this same way through resin art. 

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